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As Iastne in Athens

- Elisabete Araujo Leonetti (view profile)

Very well, the book is entitled "As Iastne in Athens". But who is Iastne?

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Book Description

Very well, the book is entitled "As Iastne in Athens". But who is Iastne?
A person that has lived in Athens at Classic Antiquity to whom the protagonist compares herself saying "as Iastne in Athens I do this, this and that, I think on this or that way"?
Or is Iastne herself, that presents herself saying "I, being Iastne in Athens", am like this, only reaffirming her own identity by this manner.
Be as it may, the character gains body and mind. We see her moving, feeling and thinking and, although with no chronological references, time passes and she evolves from a juvenile enchantment towards Nature and the things to more mature and deep reflexes on the world and the human existence. She goes from the "joyful hours of necklaces and ribbons" to the contemplation of the emptied life of the elderly.
She passes from the irresponsible games of youth to the adult commitment of having a "woven web", "a closed subject".
In everything permeates a certain philosophy that I refrain from trying to classify.

Ficha Técnica

ISBN 9788530008598
Páginas 10
Edição número 1
Edição ano 2019

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